How To Find Out About Off Market Listings

How To Find Out About Off Market Listings 🤫

Off market sales are on the increase! The market has changed recently and many homes I am listing are selling before the first home open even happens or even before hitting the real-estate sales websites! Home owners who wish to sell quickly for personal reasons, avoid the hassle of home opens and public advertising, or will only accept a particular price for their property. For buyers, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime! Less competition with other buyers, no stress on home open day and or anxiety over price.

So, how do you find out about off market properties?

Kill two birds with one stone! Contact all the agents in your target area , call them and ask them to add you to their database. This might take some time but one on one interaction helps build your relationship with agents in your preferred suburb. The key contact between sellers and buyers, agents are the first to be aware of properties for sale yet so many people are shy about handing over their mobile number at open for inspections. How are you ever going to get made aware of deals or changes in a vendor’s expectations unless you make contact with the agent? You need to persuade the agent that you are very serious about buying property and can make a quick decision. Make sure they know you are pre-approved for finance, are serious about buying and can make a quick decision followed by a signed contract. People are often scared about telling an agent what their budget is as they think the agent will make them pay more but it’s just a case of paying up to the right amount if it’s the right deal but be only prepared to pay what it’s worth. Time is of the essence when purchasing off market. Instant access to the selling agent is essential.

Have finance pre-approvals in place because off market properties don’t stick around for long! For help with your finance, please contact me to put you in touch with a mortgage broker. Also have a read of my blog “10 Reasons Why You Need To Use A Mortgage Broker”.

If you are looking to buy in the Thornlie area or surrounding suburbs register your details with me today to find out about off market listings and properties that are coming soon to market.

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