Home maintenance tasks that will save you money

Like an annual health check-up, keeping on top of the yearly maintenance of your home is essential. The fact is, much like your car needs the occasional service, so too does the family home.

Time to get out the calendar, pen and paper, or a spreadsheet or printable or online chart. By keeping track of the various tasks and projects, you will know what to tackle when and prevent yourself from getting completely overwhelmed. By sticking to a tried-and-true checklist and routine you can have your home at its very best all year, both inside and out!


Let’s start with these seasonal jobs:

Firstly, examine your home’s exterior. Look for signs of weather corrosion and potential pest problems, and pay attention to the paintwork, foundations, exterior walls for cracks, and the driveway of your home. Don’t forget to check the roof for damage or leaks and clear the gutters.

Do a complete backyard overhaul – this means flushing outdoor taps and hoses, aerating your lawn, trimming hedges and trees, and weeding and mulching the garden.

Ever think about all the time you spend attending the backyard and that you could be doing other things?

What most people don’t realise is that a low-maintenance backyard isn’t impossible. It’s all in the planning!

Plants thrive in different climates and soil types – so if you want a gorgeous flowerbed full of azaleas, a sunny spot and overwatering aren’t going to do the trick. Instead, opt for plants that are absolutely kill-proof! Native species, drought-tolerant plants, such as the gorgeous grevillea will barely have you lifting a finger. However, if you’re keen on putting that green thumb to use, get your soil tested first before you plant up a storm.

Establishing a good irrigation system is always vital. On top of that, pick the right grass for your lawn; you can’t go wrong with buffalo and zoysia varieties and keep it small in size. Synthetic lawns are a popular choice for ever-busy homeowners and achieve the same effect with zero fuss!

When it comes to the interior, ensure kitchen appliances and fixtures are in proper working condition, including the range hood and cleaning the filters. Deep clean the windows, floor coverings, carpet and upholstery, clean curtains and dust the blinds. And don’t forget to give the oven a clean!

Clean walls and light switches. Check light switches and power outlets are in good working order and have faulty ones replaced by an electrician.

Clean the air-conditioner filters, if you have a ducted evaporative air conditioner an annual check by a qualified technician is essential. Check your smoke alarms and change the batteries.

Check plumbing and taps for leakage. And don’t forget to get the hot water system serviced! This can extend the life of the hot water system greatly and save thousands in replacement costs.

Our home is usually the most expensive single asset that we will ever buy. So why wouldn’t you spend a little time and money on maintaining it in tip top condition. A little maintenance can save big dollars in repair costs and should you ever decide to sell a higher resale value is more likely to be achieved. In my experience buyers can spot a well-maintained home a mile off and will appreciate a home that is move in ready with no issues or projects to address.

Leave a comment below if you have any other top tips for maintaining your home that you would like to share.

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